2-ply laminate

2-ply laminate
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Ideal for business cards, diplomas, certificates, driver licences, and other documents.

Most of the laminates combine two to three layers of plastic together with different materials and colors. This makes laminate products easy to process by laser engravers. They also produce crisp color s and contrast s. Such distinct contrasts stand out and make signs easy to read.

Laminate products are used primarily in signs and graphic products . The vivid colors and contrasts of laminate products reveal brilliant hues. Plenty of examples exist in daily life, including washroom signs, exit signs, public signs , etc.

The LaserPro Application Lab invites you to explore the various applications of laminate products. We can help you get started using laminate products effectively throughout your office or factory.

2-ply laminate

 Laminate Applications from LaserPro
 Laminate Applications from LaserPro
 Laminate Applications from LaserPro
 Laminate Applications from LaserPro


Explorer 60W

Speed Power DPI PPI
60% 40% 500 Auto
10% 100% 500 Auto


  • Always remember to remove the clear protective masking material from the plastic before engraving, in order to prevent overheating problems.
  • Keep your material flat against the laser bed by pinning it down or using weights to hold it in place.
  • When using thicker materials, remember to use slower cutting speeds to reduce the risk of smoke residue and melting.
  • Turn the direction of the exhaust system and exhaust vents away from the un-engraved end of the material being engraved, in order to reduce the risk of smoke residue. Also, select the “Top to Bottom” image output direction in the advanced section of the driver properties. Please refer to the photos below:

Laminate Applications from LaserPro

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