About the Department

The Department of Consumables was established in 1996. At the initial stage, the activities of the department were concerned with sales and technical support of consumables for film setters.

In connection with the company’s active integration into the graphic arts market of Ukraine, Consumables Department gradually expanded its range with offset plates, blankets, and inks.

At the current stage, Consumables Department offers the complete range of consumables form globally renowned manufacturers for all phases of graphic arts production:

  • prepress: photo films and chemistry (AGFA);
  • platemaking: analog and digital offset plates, chemistry and correcting fluids for offset plates, chemistry for plate processing and printing (AGFA, TechNova);
  • printing: offset blankets, dampening roller cases (HDP, Day International);
  • image quality assurance: measuring equipment, FOGRA scales;
  • sheetfed and web offset inks (Huber Group, MFX, Dong Yang Ink), metallic inks (Wolstenholme);
  • oil-based, UV, and dispersion varnishes (Huber Group, Dong Yang Ink);
  • chemistry and specialties (VARN).

Introduction of new materials and technologies is done by the Department under the supervision of specialists who give consulting and support in selecting and further usage. All specialists of the Department have been trained by the manufacturers.

Consumables Department is the permanent participant of the largest profile shows of Ukraine. The specialists of the Department often organize training seminars in various regions of the country. The information of the Department’s activities and the announcements of new developments are constantly featured in the leading profile editions.

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