Blanket & roller rejuvenators

Blanket & roller rejuvenators

Rejuvenators are used to restore rubber rollers to good condition. During the printing process calcium residue and ink components are absorbed by the rubber rollers.

If these rubber rollers are not cleaned on a regular basis, the ink receptive surface of the roller will become filled will all kinds of residue and it will become glazed and non-ink receptive. To maintain the ink receptivity of the rubber, rejuvenators (somethimes also called deglazers) are used on a regular basis to keep the rubber in good condition.

Daily use

Reviverol Plus

Blanket & roller rejuvenator for everyday use. Removes ink and calcium residues from the rubber pores and leave blanket and rollers with a velvet-smooth, ink receptive surface
Available in 6x1L

Weekly Use

Reviverol Extra

Premium blanket & roller rejuvenator. Reviverol Extra, when mixed with water, removes all residues of varnish, gum glaze, ink, pigment deposits, paper lint, calcium carbonate and magnesium salts and extends the lifetime of blankets and rollers.
Available in 6x1L


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