AGFA :MERIDIAN Р55 Offset Plates

AGFA :MERIDIAN Р55 Offset Plates
Бренд: AGFA

:MERIDIAN Р55 Offset Plates: Reliable, general purpose, high speed positive plate

Agfa’s Positive Plate :Meridian P55 is a general-purpose high speedplate, suitable for a wide range of  applications in medium run sheet-fed and web printing. :Meridian P55 is a positive reversible printing plate with premiumquality photo coating on an excellent aluminum base.

  • Short exposure time
  • Reversible exposure with positive and negative films
  • Fast, clean processing
  • Strong image colour for easy inspection
  • Reproduction in the range 3%-98% up to 150 lpi/60lpc
  • Fine even grain structure providing good damping latitude
  • Low fountain solution consumption
  • Rapid ink/water balance
  • Excellent clean-up properties reducing waste
  • Medium run length
  • Can be baked for extra long runs
  • Excellent draw-down and anti-halation properties
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