Chemistry-free Thermal Plate System AGFA :Azura TS

Chemistry-free Thermal Plate System AGFA :Azura TS
Бренд: AGFA

Agfa Graphics’ mission is to develop innovative solutions. Building on the proven success of the ground breaking and market leading ThermoFuseTM technology, Agfa Graphics is pleased to offer :Azura TS - a fast and rich in contrast ecological way of making plates.

:Azura TS eliminates the processing variables that you worry about and gives you the predictable and consistent quality that you need. :Azura TS meets the needs for commercial printing in 4-up and 8-up applications.

Press a button, expose a plate !

Because there are no processing variables to worry about anymore, :Azura TS offers you consistent and reliable plates, ready for use.

The :Azura TS plate uses the innovative, proven ThermoFuse™ coating technology.

This non-ablative thermal CtP technology gives consistent high-quality chemistry-free thermal CtP plates without any compromise on press.

After exposure, the :Azura TS plates are cleaned and gummed in one simple step with the :Azura Clean Out Unit (COU). This simple, compact and reliable unit requires no developer or replenisher. Nor does the COU need a range of speed settings, brush speeds, pH monitors or temperature controls. Everything is pre-set. The :Azura TS plate is ready in minutes with no possibility of image degradation or variation. Thanks to its unique concept, :Azura TS gives you reliable, consistent and care-free plate production.

Reliable Plates with Predictable Performance

:Azura TS is suitable for a wide range of commercial printing applications on both sheet-fed and web presses. It delivers razor-sharp image defi nition without having to change press operating conditions or working practices. It can hold up to 2-98 % screen tints at 200 LPI and 240 lpi :Sublima, depending on platesetter capability and delivers runs of up to 100.000, depending on press conditions. :Azura TS uses Agfa Graphics’ “Flat Grain Technology’, the high quality grained and anodised aluminium substrate that results in uncompromising press performance with fast ink roll-up and consistent ink/water balance. This shortens make ready, minimising  aper waste and downtime and all this using your existing press chemistry - there is no need to change inks, founts or plate cleaners.

The end result is MORE EFFICIENCY!

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