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Although a chemistry-free plate, press operators will readily accept it as it looks, feels and behaves as any other metal offset plate. Normal plate densitometers can be used to read the plate without problems. With its high-contrast - dark image on a standard aluminium substrate – a quick visual check will quickly reveal possible errors (imposition, etc.).

:N94-VCF is Agfa Graphics’ latest addition to the range of photopolymer offset plates for the newspaper industry. Like other violet offset plates, it is sensitised for visible lasers emitting at 405 nm, but, instead of requiring a chemical developer for processing, it is designed for chemistry-free operation. Agfa Graphics offers fully integrated newspaper prepress solutions that come complete with CtP, clean-out unit (COU), printing plates and :Arkitex workfl ow software.
:N94-VCF combines fast, accurate and wide-latitude plate exposure with chemistry-free processing, while ensuring predictable, consistent performance on press.
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