Agfa Azura TE

Agfa Azura TE
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Best-in-class direct-on-press chemistry-free thermal plate for sheet-fed commercial applications. Environmentallyfriendly operations, quality and ease-of-use all in one.

Based on Agfa Graphics’ proven and reliable ThermoFuseTM technology, Azura TE takes printing plate developments yet one step further with imaging off-press, and cleaning on-press. If you are looking for a way to dramatically reduce time to press, are concerned for the environment and want to deliver consistent results, then this best-in-class direct-on-press plate is the right solution for you. All you need to do is image, mount and print.

Six features that make Azura TE a great choice

1. Environmentally-friendly operations… at the lowest cost Azura TE plates break all ecology and cost records. As the printing plates are cleaned out on-press, the system requires no processor, no chemistry and no water, resulting in lower energy consumption, as well as a lack of waste and time- and cost-consuming maintenance. This means environmentally-friendly operations as well as cost reductions.

2. Outstanding image contrast on plate for easy visual inspection After exposing, the plates show an outstanding image contrast thanks to Agfa Graphics’ patented Thermochromic dye technology. This means that the operator can see right away what is on the plate, making it easy to perform a quick quality check or even measure the tone scale with whatever plate reader or densitometer available. Like that, also the risk that plates are mounted in the wrong order on the press is non-existent.

3. Excellent daylight handling Azura TE’s excellent daylight stability allows for standard operating procedures, to fit into any prepress environment. This makes it extremely convenient to work with Azura TE.

4. Crisp image quality Azura TE plates deliver prints with a very crisp image quality. The plates show excellent lithographic behavior, which in turn also enhances print quality. Images and texts are sharp, both serif positive and negative. Shadows are open and there is little dot gain, resulting in text and line work having full play. Under similar conditions, the print quality of Azura TE outperforms that of all other direct-on-press products in the market today.

5. Fast make-ready Characteristics such as fast ink acceptance and clean-up will enable you to be printing really quickly. With a plate sensitivity of 160 mJ/cm² a maximum plate throughput can be achieved on most commercial CtP platesetters. In combination with Agfa Graphics’ Avalon N8-80XT, a plate throughput of more than 50 B1 plates per hour is achieved.

6. Mainstream print production Azura TE plates are compatible with most sheet-fed presses. They are suitable for commercial print, quick printing and book printing with run lengths up to 75.000 copies in standard sheet fed.

Benefitting the environment as well as your profits

With Azura TE, there is no need for a processor or clean-out unit, and thus also no need for chemistry, gum or water. That also means no waste, and no maintenance. From the platesetter, the printing plates go directly onto the printing cylinder, where sellable prints are obtained after a few sheets only. The CtP device can even be installed in an office environment.

Simplicity is key

Proven ThermoFuseTM technology Since its launch in 2004, Agfa Graphics’ ThermoFuseTM technology has proved itself as the leading technology in sustainable platemaking. Azura TE is based on the same ThermoFuseTM technology as its predecessors, working with a single-layer water-based coating, containing ink-accepting latex pearls, small enough to deliver razor-sharp highlight reproduction.

Working principle

Upon laser exposure, the coating absorbs energy from the 830nm imaging head. The latex pearls fuse to form the hydrophobic image part. They bond strongly to the grained and anodized aluminum base. What were once individual particles now becomes a solid ink-accepting image. Thanks to the thermally switchable infrared dye used in the Azura TE coating, an excellent image contrast is achieved during imaging.

The Azura TE coating is optimized for direct-on-press capability, so that after imaging, the plates can be directly mounted on press. As part of the press start-up sequence, the non-imaged areas are washed away by the action of ink and fount solution on the press to be carried away with the first few sheets through the press. Sellable prints are obtained after only a few copies.

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