AGFA :Energy Elite Pro

AGFA :Energy Elite Pro
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Next generation no-bake positive thermal plate

:Energy Elite Pro offers printers a plate, developed for consistent quality printing with high productivity, lower chemistry consumption and higher run length with UV inks. :Energy Elite Pro is a robust plate, suitable for a wide range of commercial and packaging applications. :Energy Elite Pro can achieve runs of up to 400,000 and in harsh environments (e.g. UV and metallic inks) up to 150,000 copies without baking (1). For even longer runs, :Energy Elite Pro can be baked if necessary runs of up to 350,000 and in harsh environments (e.g. UV and metallic inks) up to 100,000 copies.
Energy Elite Pro’s chemical resistance makes the use of fountains solutions for alcohol-free and alcohol reduced printing, as well as UV inks, easy, even without baking. Compatible with all major thermal plate setters, the improved sensitivity of :Energy Elite Pro ensures maximum productivity, even on the newest high speed plate setters. The use of the THD200 developer and THR200 replenisher, specifi cally designed for this next generation plate, ensures longer bath life and lower chemistry consumption. The processor keeps clean for a long time and when it does need to be cleaned; standard tap water can be used, making the whole cleaning process extremely easy.
Agfa’s no-bake technology
:Energy Elite’s durable, long run press performance is due to its double-layer coating technology. The use of the highly chemical-resistant second layer enables long run performance without the need for post baking. It is compatible with UV and metallic inks and performs well with alcohol substitute founts. However, it can be baked to further increase its run length by 50 – 100%. Therefore, :Energy Elite is a robust plate, suitable for a wide range of commercial and packaging applications.
:Energy Elite. High quality imaging
:Energy Elite is a positive working plate with very high image contrast and is daylight-safe. Agfa’s advanced double-layer coating technology gives :Energy Elite a 1-99% imaging capability at 200 lpi. It is also capable of FM and :Sublima 280 imaging to deliver printed results of stunning quality.
:Energy Elite. No compromise on press
The use of Agfa’s Flat Substrate Technology guarantees the widest latitude on press without compromising performance. This ensures fast start-up, low dampening levels, stable ink/water balance and excellent lithographic performance on press, including fast re-start after press stop-downs.
:Energy Elite. Long run, no-bake thermal plate
:Energy Elite gives a robust, dependable press performance under a wide range of aggressive press conditions, without the need to post-bake. By eliminating the pre-heat and post-bake requirements of the 1st Generation thermal plates, :Energy Elite signifi cantly reduces costs and energy consumption. The highly sensitive plate emulsion gives consistent, high quality imaging and will tolerate variations in exposure and processing conditions without signifi cant changes to the printed result. The :Energy Elite Developer system assures long chemistry bath life and reduces
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