AGFA :Aspire

AGFA :Aspire
Бренд: AGFA

High Performance Violet photopolymer plate for Commercial Print Applications

:Aspire is an advanced violet sensitive, photopolymer plate which has been created for commercial printers who need high-performance combined with ease of use. :Aspire offers high sensitivity for maximum platesetter productivity and will give high resolution imaging as well as dependable press performance and durability. :Aspire is compatible with all leading violet platesetters and builds on Agfa Graphics’ violet heritage and market leadership in violet plate technology. :Aspire combines an advanced violet sensitive plate coating together with Agfa Graphics’ proven high quality grained and anodised aluminium substrate.

New levels of quality and performance

The high performance :Aspire plate combines outstanding lithographic quality with easy handling and excellent durability.

Proven benefits of violet-laser imaging

Violet diode platesetters have proven benefits for commercial printers needing a low cost of ownership, offering the winning combination of long life and absolute reliability. :Aspire is yet another proof of the lasting success of violet CtP. With its optimized photo-layer and improved substrate characteristics, :Aspire sets new standards of photopolymer plate technology for violet laser imaging.

Outstanding press performance

:Aspire combines fast, accurate and wide-latitude plate exposure with simple processing and robustness. The highlight dots are durable and tough enough to give a high-quality press performance even on the longest press runs. Run length depends on press conditions and job content, but :Aspire is rated for runs of up to 300k under normal conditions and up to 100K for UV conditions. Baking will further improve run length by up to 100

Proven Plate Processing

:Aspire is compatible with all major photopolymer plate processors as well as Agfa Graphics’ industry-leading VPP and VXP processors. The plate uses the standard pre-heat and prewash followed by the normal development, wash and gum procedure. :Aspire uses Agfa Graphics’ proven PL10 chemistry for image development.

Advanced Substrate Technology

:Aspires uses Agfa Graphics’ proven grained and anodised aluminum substrate technology to give the best possible press performance, durability and press latitude. Agfa Graphics’ advanced electrochemical graining and anodising give the reliability and robustness needed by a modern pressroom. 

Plate Specifications:

Plate type Negative-working high-speed laser plate
Coating Photopolymer
Gauges All popular plate gauges (max.0,30 mm)
Surface Electrochemically grained and anodised
Sizes Commercial sheetfed & web
Sensitivity 405nm violet laser diode
Resolution* 2 - 98% at 200 lpi for ABS 1 - 99% at 210 lpi for :Sublima
Processor Agfa VPP, VXP. Also compatible with qualified non-Agfa processors.
Chemistry PL10/PL10Ri
Processor speed Up to 2.2 m/s
Working conditions  Operating temperature 21-25°C / Relative humidity 40-60%
Storage conditions Shelf life 24 months if kept at < 30°C and relative humidity 35-55%. Do not expose to 50°C temperature for more than 24 hours
Run length** Up to 300,000 unbaked / Up to 100,000 with UV inks / Up to 500,000 baked

* Resolution dependent on platesetter

** Run length dependent on press conditions

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