Digital web printing press XEIKON 9600/9800

Digital web printing press XEIKON 9600/9800

The Xeikon 9600/9800 combines the capability to use a wide substrate range and a unique format flexibility with top-productivity; this offers an unsurpassed range of applications. The variable data capabilities of the X-800 front-end make this press perfectly suited for high-end direct marketing work.

Xeikon uses customer driven innovation to constantly improve its patented dry-toner imaging process allowing its customers to grow their business; the Xeikon 9800 uses uniquely adapted toner, QA-CD.

The uniqueness of the Xeikon 9600/9800 solution is in its combination of productivity & quality benefits.

  • High productivity in One-Pass-Duplex web fed printing
  • Professional image and data integrity
  • Print resolution: true 1200 x 3600 dpi addressability and quality
  • Refined screening library Perfect color consistency and professional color management
  • 5th color stations for spot color reproduction and security applications
  • QA-CD dry toner
    - Allowing the use of substrate without specific pre-treatment
    - No VOC emission
    - Wider color gamut
  • Variable printing width
  • Flexible integration with graphic arts (PDF) and IPDS workflows
  • High uptime
  • Expert consultancy and service

Xeikon 9600/9800 specifications

  Xeikon 9600 Xeikon 9800
Print technology & features
Process LED-array-based, dry toner electrophotography
Color configuration 5/5 One-Pass-Duplex™
In-line density control Standard
In-line register control Standard
Toner system
Toner Xeikon QA-CD dry toner
Special colors Spot colors: R-G-B-extra Magenta-White, clear (uv reflecting)
Light fastness 6-8 on blue wool scale
PMS Reproduction Pantone® Licensed
Print media
Pre-printed stock functionality Standard
Web-fed Paper, paperboard & synthetic media
Media width 320 - 512 mm (12.6” - 20.2”)
Media weight 40 - 350 gsm (27 lb text to 130 lb cover
Press throughput
Web speed Up to 14.5 m/min (47 ft/min) Up to 21.5 m/min (70 ft/min)
Printing speed* 290 ppm (17.400 pages/hour) up to 60 gsm
260 ppm (15.600 pages/hour) up to 90 gsm
230 ppm (13.800 pages/hour) up to 100 gsm
195 ppm (11.700 pages/hour) up to 150 gsm
160 ppm (9.600 pages/hour) up to 200 gsm
130 ppm (7.800 pages/hour) up to 250 gsm (paperboard up to 200 gsm)
100 ppm (6.000 pages/hour) up to 300 gsm (paperboard up to 250 gsm)
Duty cycle* Up to 10.000.000 pages/month*
Addressability 1200 x 3600 dpi with variable dot density
Screening Pericles screening library up to 240 lpi
Imaging width 504 mm (19.8”)
Digital front-end Xeikon X-800
Operator GUI X-800 Mypress Controller
Compliance CE, GS, CB, FCC, deinkabillity (Ingede)
Peripheral equipment, upgrades and services (Optional)
Jumbo unwinder Reels up to 1500 mm (59.0”) diameter
Jumbo rewinder Reels up to 1000 mm (39.4”) diameter
Stacker Xeikon stacker (optional removable cart)
Web Finishing Module (WFM) For print protection in finishing devices
Web Varnishing Module (WVM) One side varnishing (optional slitting)
Xeikon Color Services Service packs to help you create the proper color profiles for your working environment
IPDS controller & IPDS encapsulated PDF optional IPDS RIP supports 5 colors

* A4 full color pages, when printing double-sided

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