Mark Andy Makes Strategic Sale in Poland

In what is claimed as a significant milestone in its growing market penetration in Europe, Mark Andy has made a conquest sale to leading Polish label converter Mal-Pol, based in Olesin, some 35km east of the capital city Warsaw. The new Performance Series P5 press is the first from Mark And to be installed at what has traditionally been a European press user.  Speaking for Mark Andy, European Managing Director Tom Cavalco said: “This was a key sale to secure, as it breaks the grip of our competitors and highlights the added benefits that the Performance Series offers converters who are looking to diversify into more profitable market sectors.” 

Agfa launches foldable SYNAPS OM90F

Agfa announced the market launch of SYNAPS OM90F as the latest addition to its SYNAPS synthetic papers portfolio. The launch fits Agfa’s strategy to continuously develop the SYNAPS range of products to keep pace with customer needs in view of new application requirements and evolving print technologies.

Высший пилотаж контроля цвета

Компания X-Rite предлагает серию профессиональных спектрофотометров новейшего поколения со сферической геометрией для беспрецедентного уровня точности и надежности измерений цвета. 

XEIKON Café 2018
XEIKON Café 2018 1 february 2018

In 2017, Xeikon Café attracted more than 800 unique visitors from around the globe. Encouraged by the positive feedback from participants and attendees, the event will not only run again in 2018, it is also becoming an annual must-visit on the agenda of anyone looking to expand their knowledge on digitalizing print manufacturing and discover the latest packaging innovations. “We have been delighted with the success of the Xeikon Café in recent years, and it has given us the confidence and the impetus to not only do it again, but do it bigger and better every time,” explains Danny Mertens of Xeikon Café. “In 2018, we are confident to attract even more visitors. Educational events like the Xeikon Café are what people in our industry seek to learn and explore new opportunities. As such we will be raising the bar in bringing together top notch technologies, the latest packaging innovations and thought-provoking conference speakers.”