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AGFA :Delano

Интернет-ориентированный программный комплекс для контроля и автоматизированного управления всеми стадиями полиграфического производства (от оформления заказа менеджером до логистики доставки) на основе центрального JDF web-сервера.

AGFA :Apogee Color

:Apogee Color seamlessly integrates end-to-end quality and color management solutions into the :Apogee Suite solutions. :Apogee Color, including :Apogee Color Quality Manager and :SherpaProof, produces predictable soft and hard copy proofs at critical points in the production cycle. It makes sure that everyone in the communication process looks at the same proof wherever they are.

AGFA :Apogee Portal

:Apogee Portal strengthens the communication and collaboration between printers and their customers. It allows all participants throughout the graphic communications process to collaborate on projects and tasks within a 24/7 accessible web-environment.

AGFA :Apogee Prepress

:Apogee Prepress is the latest prepress workflow release. :Apogee Prepress fully supports the latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine which significantly enhances the rendering performance, since PDF files are rendered natively and included transparencies are automatically resolved during the rendering process.

AGFA :Arkitex

Arkitex is a powerful workflow system for newspaper production that integrates equipment and tasks throughout the workflow, allowing you to operate more efficiently and meet tight deadlines with ease.

AGFA :Apogee Suite

:APOGEE Suite Offers Integrated Publishing, Collaborative Portal, Complete Prepress and Color Management Solutions.

LithoTechnics METRIX

Самый совершенный на сегодняшний день пакет для построения монтажей на печатный лист. Большие функциональные возможности пакета столь велики, что это позволяет отнести его скорее к инструментарию технолога на производстве, чем просто пакета для построения электронных монтажей.

Impostrip Ganging

Software for optimizing the use of film, plate, or paper surface.

Impostrip On-Demand

Easy to use solution for half-format printing with output to platesetter, imagesetter, or digital press.

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