Laminate Applications from LaserPro

The LaserPro Application Lab demonstrates various applications of plastic laminate. There are many laminate suppliers in market offering a full line of laserable products to suit the demands of today's laser engraver.

45-Degree Dithering Pattern

LaserPro has spent a great deal of time recently in enhancing its ability in precision image engraving. This trend is bolstered by the introduction of the “45-Degree Dithering Pattern” function for the LaserPro Explorer and Mercury laser engravers.

Cutting a Tic-Tac-Toe game

LaserPro Application Lab introduced a broad range of creative engraving samples for you. Our versatile Laser engraving systems equip not only an unmatched engraving capability but also a high-quality cutting function. In addition, with high wattage models of the Laser engraving systems, you are even able to cut acrylics as thick as 1.18" (3cm).

Engraving & Cutting of clock

LaserPro Application Lab demonstrates an absolutely stylish cardboard clock for you. First of all, prepare cardboard; secondly, shop around the craft stores, or purchase on line for a clock movement with hands. Now you are ready to create a tailor-made clock and we guarantee that if you showcase this special clock sample in your demonstration room, it will definitely draw everyone's attention.

Cork Engraving

The cork is a natural, renewable resource designed by nature to insulate the cork oak trees from harsh winds and rains. Custom laser engraved cork items are inexpensive and ideal for special occasions and make great souveniers.With a LaserPro laser engraver, you can personalize corks stoppers, cork coasters, and many other cork items within minutes.