In this LaserPro Showcase, we will show you how to make some quick and precise paper containers which you can use to store small items such as candy and cookies. As you follow our instructions, you will see that not only will LaserPro help you save money, but LaserPro will save you a lot of time!

Stone engraving technology

LaserPro is now on the cutting edge of the latest stone engraving technology that will help you preserve your memories. Whether it is an image or a special message, we will help you make it ever-lasting. With the ability to engrave in various types of natural stones, LaserPro will help personalize anything from marble cup pads to granite floor and wall murals.

Spice Up Your Metal Goods

Ever wanted to embellish your ordinary metal tags, cardholders, tableware and other household items? LaserPro Application Lab can help! In this month's Showcase, we would like to introduce various ways for you to add a new luster to your daily using metal articles, such as can opener, metal name cardholder, watch dial plate and so on.

Sports Souvenir

LaserPro Application Lab endeavors into sports souvenir industry to bring you great insights on how you can use LaserPro to create customized sports jerseys and other great products. You will be amazed to find out how a LaserPro CO2 laser engraver can help you can add value to ordinary sports apparel, equipment and accessories.

Paper Boxes and Containers Sampling

In today's packaging industry, paper containers and carton box suppliers often find themselves spending several days to make a prototype sample for their customers before they set up the production line. Cutting done on the sample are made done by hand, with many sharp metal pieces, on a board (i.e. cutting mold).