Manroland introduces ProServ Pit Stop

7 july 2015
Manroland introduces ProServ Pit Stop

Manroland Sheetfed has announced ProServ Pit Stop – simple, quick and accurate inspections of individual modules or units on customer presses.

As an adjunct to Manroland’s acclaimed ProServ suite of maintenance and service packages, Pit Stop inspections are an easy way to determine whether equipment is operating at optimum efficiency, or whether some adjustment or refurbishment may be required.

As with pit stops for racing cars, the new services are fast – taking two hours or less – and involve little in the way of downtime. In the majority of cases there is actually no need for the machine to be taken out of production while the inspection takes place.

Explaining the benefits of ProServ Pit Stop, Manroland Sheetfed’s Head of Service, Vincent Tillemans, said:

“Because our Pit Stop inspections take so little time, they promise to reduce downtime and ensure better continuity of production for our customers and are an ideal taster for our other ProServ packages.”

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