Flexo Equipment for Pechat

15 june 2009
Flexo Equipment for Pechat

In May 2009, MacHOUSE specialists installed the fully automated LY-800S bag making machine by Lian-You (Taiwan) for making bags out of PP, OPP, BOPP, CPP, LDPE, and HDPE at Pechat (Kyiv).

Igor Yurchenko, Pechat works manager:

Our company’s main directions are flexo and offset printing. We purchased the new bag making machine for making PP bags. However, the capabilities of this model are much wider; it can process PE, too, so in future we are going to print on that material and make banana-type bags out of it. For that we need to purchase additional equipment performing die-cutting and welding a handle to a bag.

The machine can make bags with a flap, perforate for technological packaging (special puncher makes holes of various diameters; we mostly use 6 mm holes) as well as various kinds of sutures (not only cut suture but also perforated one).

Besides, the bag making machine has ultrasonic welding function that allows performing a unique operation; a special toothed wheel runs over the material leaving a trace on it and welding two pieces at the same time.

Before the purchase of Lian-You LY-800S, we made bags on rather low-grade equipment involving much manual labour. As for the new machine, it takes only one operator that keeps an eye on it and loads new rolls when necessary. Due to such high level of automation, the speed of our production has naturally increased. We now have an opportunity to promptly fulfil a job, because the machine needs neither food, nor drink, nor rest. It works nonstop 24/7. Previously, before long holidays, if, for instance, a customer had a last-minute need to print more of a run we had to take pains sandwiching that job in-between other planned ones. Now, we can promptly fulfill even such last-minute orders. That is, instead of increasing the number of operators, it is enough to increase the speed of a machine.

Another advantage of this equipment is the high quality level that is provided by American and Japanese-made parts. That is one of the reasons why the machine performs its functions right and nonstop, all day long. And there is almost not a single disruption. Sometimes there are short stops but they never last more than a minute.

This machine is neither too sophisticated, nor whimsical.

The installation of new equipment allowed us not only to increase speed and quality considerably, but also to offer our customers new services, for instance, bags with a flap that is later fixed with adhesive tape applied to it. Earlier, we could not offer a service like this.

We chose this equipment because of our long-lasting partnership with the supplier, from which we previously purchased a series of solutions.
The machine is very easy to use; it takes only one demonstration of its functions for an operator to master them. Having a good level of automation, it has nothing superfluous, so operation training takes minimum time.


Lian-You LY-800S Technical Characteristics
Bag width 75-800 mm
Bag length 75-800 mm
Productivity 60-200 bags per minute
Material thickness 0,01-0,1 mm
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