manroland ColorPilot plus

manroland ColorPilot plus

Precision becomes a matter of course. The proven ColorPilot high-speed measuring and control system scores points for you on two counts: as standard equipment, colorimetry takes care of quality management, and densitometry takes care of production control.

The system quickly achieves good sheets after only a few measuring and regulation steps and ensures consistently high quality during the production run. Even particularly difficult subjects with low contrast can be easily regulated by the okBalance® software module at the press of a button and kept stable over the entire run.
A plus point for perfecting presses
ColorPilot plus offers the freedom you need for perfecting. The measuring rail can be easily moved to the y-direction of the sheet so that the print control strips can be positioned in the middle of the sheet. This permits print control strips to be positioned anywhere on the sheet at right angles to the printing direction. Teach-In only takes 20 seconds, which is very efficient and saves time.
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