Visual Color Matching Systems Just Normlicht

X-Rite Judge QC

This affordable, durable light booth has 5 light sources for accurate evaluation of color under controlled lighting conditions for print, packaging and industrial applications.

X-Rite SpectraLight QC

The SpectraLight QC is the light booth of choice for color-critical visual assessment of large and small items under daylight and other lighting conditions; includes 7 light sources.

Performance 5000

Three models: for maximum plate size of 70×100, 100×140, and 102×74 cm.

System Cabinet

Special viewing tables for storing films for organizations having its onw imagesetter or a large bank of color separation films.

Студийные светильники Studio Light System 5000

The compact solution: a complete studio light system in small format. Completely equipped with 2 daylight lamps (2 x 36 W) on mobile support arms, back drop, transmissive lighting. Optional: Third daylight lamp to cast light on rear wall.

JUST System Cabinets

Cabinets with slanted surface are ideally used in combination with asymmetrical proof lights. Integrated light surface available for all cabinets. Individual configurations upon request. Optional: Integrated light surface, suitable for all cabinet versions.

JUST Normlicht proofStation

Standardized lighting and strict color viewing conditions are required in all of the color reproduction and printing processes in the Graphic Arts & Photography Industry

Контрольные Proof-станции

The new generation of JUST Normlicht color quality control systems. Advanced lighting technology for the digital workflow.

moduLight 5000 Asymmetrical Dimmable

This newly developed prismatic, optical diffusion screen allows for incomparable luminance level and eveness of light distribution.

Потолочные cветильники Color Proof Lights

Asymmetrical and symmetrical aluminum reflectors. Electronic ballasts for longer tube life and flicker-flee operation.

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