MacHOUSE Service Center

Post-Warranty Servicing

Igor Vasinovich, Head of MacHOUSE Service Center: The company MacHOUSE supplies hi-tech equipment to the market of Ukraine; so the Service Center's task of uppermost importance is competent solving of the customers' problems prevention of their emerging in whole. Modern diagnostics of the machine condition, recommendations on the maintenance, and keeping a stock of spare parts are the ways to solve the issues of unplanned equipment downtime, thus minimizing customer's financial loss.

Lifting and Handling of Graphic Arts Equipment

"We are most proud of complex lifting-and-handling projects fulfuilled by MacHOUSE. The qualification level of our specialists allowed us to complete works that had been rejected by other companies because of their complexity. Due to that fact, our Center was certified to service all manroland presses installed in Ukraine."

Cleaning graphic arts equipment with dry ice

One of services we offer is cleaning graphic arts equipment with dry (carbon dioxide) ice. The system we use allows cleaning the entire machine and its separate assemblages and units perfectly; the time of cleaning depends on equipment configuration.

Ink feeding systems for offset presses

Many users know how inks are fed into ink units on a small sheetfed offset press, but when it comes to a web press consisting of two 4+4 towers with 16 ink units placed at different heights, lots of questions arise.

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