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Pantone Plus Plastic Standard Chips Collection

The perfect tool for hard goods industries where a vast array of colors is key, the Pantone Plastic Standard Chip Collection features 1,755 of our best-selling graphic colors with corresponding pigment formulations. The collection also includes a coated Formula Guide for easy cross-reference to spot color printed materials. This is ultimate tool to bring inspiration to realization in consumer product development.

Pantone COLOR BRIDGE Coated & Uncoated Set

Now, for a limited time, get a Free PANTONE Flash Drive with the purchase of COLOR BRIDGE Coated & Uncoated Set – 4GB of portable power wrapped in vibrant PANTONE Emerald, the 2013 Color of the Year.

Pantone COLOR BRIDGE Coated

Bridge solid PANTONE Colors for process printing or web design. The PANTONE PLUS SERIES COLOR BRIDGE Coated provides process color simulations of all solid PANTONE Colors – including all 560 exciting new market-ready hues – in a convenient side-by-side comparison format, on coated stock. Now graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers have more colors than ever to unleash their passion and let their creativity soar!

Pantone FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated

PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES for selecting, specifying and matching solid PANTONE Colors feature all 560 new colors, added since 2010. Graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers now have 1,677 color choices to unleash their passion and let their creativity soar!

Pantone Fashion & Home Color Guide

The essential color tools that are always available at your fingertips.


This set contains everything you need to select, spec and match solid and process colors – and to gain a creative edge with market-proven specialty colors.

Pantone CMYK Coated & Uncoated

The new PLUS SERIES CMYK guides contain 2,868 CMYK colors, chromatically arranged for smoother transitions between colors and more intuitive selection.

Pantone METALLICS Coated

This expansive palette of 301 exquisite metallic colors adds impact and elegance to projects that call for a refined look. Printed on coated stock, the guide identifies the ink mixing formula for each color. An additional page demonstrates the effects of a gloss aqueous coating when applied to the seven metallic base colors.


The PLUS SERIES PREMIUM METALLICS is an all new book of 300 dazzling metallic colors developed in response to the rapidly rising popularity of these special-effect inks. PLUS SERIES metallic colors have greater brilliance, can be easily coated without any loss in luster and have a longer life after printing without fear of tarnishing or blemishing. Fan guide is chromatically arranged, for more intuitive color selection. Ink formulations are provided. Includes design software. Available on coated stock only.


Now, for a limited time, get a Free PANTONE PREMIUM METALLICS guide with the purchase of a PANTONE PLUS SERIES ESSENTIALS Bundle – 300 sizzling metallic colors for graphics and multimedia design.

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