Consumables for Rotogravure & Flexographic Printing Machines

Flexo Inks

Variety of products is provided to suit a broad range of applications, from the most economic colors to the most technically required.

Rotogravure Printing Inks

Rotogravure Printing Inks PV, TA and TL Series

Additives and Varnishes

The following consumables are featured in "Additives and Varnishes" product catalog: РТ-928: Deep Freеze Additive, PT-975: Promotor Additive, PT-9039: Additive for РЕТ, Varnish-1001(Release Lak), Varnish-2001 (Primer): Printing Varnish, Varnish-2008 (Primer): Printing Varnish, Varnish-3003: Termocolon Varnish

BUDIN AKARCA Masterbatch

Budin masterbatches display excellent colouring of LDPE HDPE and PP raw materials and is especially successful in the fields of film, injection, blow molding and pipe production.

Magnetic Cylinders, Rotary Dies, Sheet/Perf & Scoring, Air-Eject & Focused-Air Dies, Gears

RotoMetrics is a global manufacturer of rotary dies, flexible dies and rotary tooling

Double-sided Adhesive tapes

Today, Bi.Esse Adesivi leading in the volume of consumption of its products by Italian flexo printers, which points at an already gained section of the world market. Our company motto is “Reliability”.

Plate and Anilox Roller Washes

ENVIROFLEX Auawash (for daily maintenance)and ENVIROFLEX Heavy Duty Cleaner (for deep monthly cleaning) manufactured by DAY VARN (UK) provide an efficient way to fight soiling even of high-ruling screen rolls (up to 500 lines/cm) when printing water-soluble flexo inks.

Varn Anilox Cleaning Tools
Zecher Anilox Cleaning Tools

Anilox Rollers

Zecher is the largest manufacturer of anilox rollers in Germany. Zecher makes ceramic anilox rollers with laser YAG-engraving and chome aniloxes with mechanical engraving for all types of flexo printing presses.

Doctor Blades

Nuova L&C Graph blade was made after profound examination of performance data and systemic analysis of manufacturing process, which resulted in the state-of-art system of computer process control. Shapes of blades made on the company’s systems are even, checked and adjusted for the presses. In the process of manufacture, certain critical characteristics of materials (smoothness, hardness, uniformity, etc.) are also considered as they are important for the quality of blades

Flexo Printing Photopolymer Plates

The following consumables are featured in "Flexo Printing Photopolymer Plates" product catalog: SERMIFLEX Rigid flexo printing photopolymer plates, PASAFLEX Rigid flexo printing photopolymer plates

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