New Purple Magna SX150 Stitching Machine

29 july 2009
New Purple Magna SX150 Stitching Machine

Purple Magna announced the beginning of retail sales of the new SX150 automated stitching machine. The machine debuted this spring at China Print in Beijing.

Due to built-in mechanical, electrical, optical, and air devices, SX150 allows shortening the time of job changing considerably and ensures convenience of operation. The new stitcher features a reliable PLC and a centralized lubrication system.

The workflow is displayed on the color touch screen. Failure monitoring system follows stacking, feeding, positioning, stiching, and delivery.

SX150 is suitable for making gatherings with or without a lap. Thin and short needles stitch book blocks reliably leaving only minute holes into which glue will not get. 

Technical characteristics of Purple Magna SX150
Min gathering size 80х150 mm
Max gathering size 320х420 mm
Max speed 9000 cycles an hour
Max number of stitches 11
Max number of stacked gatherings 4
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