Enhanced Eversify mobile publishing solution at World Newspaper Conference

1 july 2014
Enhanced Eversify mobile publishing solution at World Newspaper Conference

Agfa Graphics will present further developments of its Eversify mobile publishing software at the World Newspaper Conference in Turin, Italy, June 7-9.

Eversify (eversify.me) is the automated mobile publishing solution for tablets and smartphones. It captures existing content from any editorial or other content system. 

The latest version that will be shown at the World Newspaper Conference includes a number of new features that provide publishers of newspapers or magazines with advanced publishing options and improved reader analytics.

Among the key new features are:

  • Multiple publications – allows publishers to promote multiple titles via a single app, as it goes beyond a simple reader and presents multiple products in a virtual kiosk. Content is also easier to find since a single product can appear in many apps.
  • Advanced reader analytics provide publishers with details about their readers’ behavior down to how long each article was read. With this information publishers can tailor editorial content to provide the best reader experience, and optimally target advertising.
  • EDC++ for easy reading of articles. EDC++ adds interactivity to the Enhanced Digital Copy editions allowing readers to read articles at a single click. It also lets the reader control the text size and allows easy swiping to the next/previous article.
  • Reader’s choice – a feature that enables a publisher to provide both interactive and EDC content of the same edition. The readers then decide which format they want to read.

Other new features include reader text choice, improved text formatting, asides and quotes, and automatic ad upload.
“Eversify is all about automation; it delivers mobile publishing in one touch, 24/7”, says Andy Grant, Global Head of Software, Agfa Graphics. “We continuously innovate in delivering the optimal mobile publishing solution and these newly added features are an example of that. Our progress is reflected by the fact that we have already registered a fourfold increase in sales activity this year.”
Visitors at the booth on the World Newspaper Conference will be able to discuss their challenges concerning mobile publishing with Agfa Graphics’ top software experts. Next to Eversify, Agfa Graphics will also present its print production solutions at the World Newspaper Conference.
About Eversify

Agfa Graphics’ Eversify SaaS solution is the most convenient mobile publishing service automating the transformation of newspapers and magazines into interactive, entertaining mobile editions.
Eversify captures existing content from any editorial or other content system and automatically transforms it into a mobile publication using sophisticated business rules combined with predefined, yet easily customizable templates. For any device, at any moment of the day.
Built as cloud service, Eversify delivers an immediate return through minimal up-front investment and predictable operational cost.

Visit Agfa Graphics at the World Newspaper Congress in Torino, Italy, June 9 to 11.

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