Greener printing for Korean print company

19 september 2014
Greener printing for Korean print company

Manroland Korea's customer SeJong C&P is the perect role-model for alcohol-free printing.

SeJong C&P's fast rise from a design company to a commercial printing giant has been pretty remarkable.  The company ventured into the commercial printing business and today this South Korean company has a turnover of around €20-million and 200 employees.

Samsung, Lotte and Amore Pacific are among its high-profile customers. To these and other world-class brands, the quality and power of print is paramount. SeJong C&P has always made a point of investing in new machinery from Manroland Sheetfed every two years. Its newest investment is the five color ROLAND 700 DirectDrive.  Tailor-made for short print runs, SeJong C&P is now fully equipped to handle a variety of work including their ten-color ROLAND 700 HiPrint perfecting press for longer run and the six-color ROLAND 700 HiPrint for specialized work.

Environment-friendly printing has long been a priority for SeJong C&P. The company only uses machines that run without alcohol. The new ROLAND 700 DirectDrive - an alcohol-free press - is perfect. 

SeJong C&P exclusively own ROLAND presses and as the company's production staff are fully familiar in all aspects of the capabilities of Manroland presses,  reliability and premium print quality are just a few of the reasons SeJong C&P attract and keep its high-profile customers.

With a strong team of in-house designers, experienced operators, strict control on printing quality, with the help of Manroland technology, SeJong C&P's  continues to grow.

About Manroland Sheetfed GmbH

Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a leading German producer of sheetfed offset litho printing presses. Founded in 1871, the company is one of the oldest producers of printing presses in the world. Today the company has its own subsidiaries in over 40 countries and is a global watchword for supreme quality and reliability. Manroland Sheetfed GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned UK engineering group, Langley Holdings plc.

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