Kollin Medien invests in a secure future with new ROLAND 708 PLV

4 august 2016
Kollin Medien invests in a secure future with new ROLAND 708 PLV

With its new ROLAND 708 HiPrint with perfecting unit, coating unit and extended delivery, German print service provider Kollin Medien GmbH has consolidated its market position while also ensuring greater quality and efficiency for the future.

Founded in 2005 and based in Neudrossenfeld, Kollin Medien GmbH is an all-round service provider, working with many businesses and brands in print and media, strategic consulting and marketing support or in the supply of many types of printed products, including its highly successful own brand online portal, Print 4 Reseller. 

For producing both standardized, cost-efficient print products and exclusive, high-grade single prints, the new new ROLAND 708 HiPrint, with 8 printing units, perfecting device, coating unit, Inline color-measurement, inline-register and simultaneous plate changing will provide enhanced quality with even greater efficiency. Speaking of the benefits of the new investment, company Managing Director Olaf Kollin said: 

”With simultaneous plate changing, we definitely expect more efficiency. In smaller runs there is a marked difference between serial and simultaneous plate changing. We will save 8 minutes with every job. So with 10,000 jobs per annum, SPL will give us 166 shifts more productivity.”


Kollin Medien GmbH plant in Neudrossenfeld


With simultaneous plate change all plate cylinders are decoupled, positioned and all plates changed together


The innovative quality and analysis tool "Process Monitor"


Manroland Sheetfed project manager and technician at leveling of the printing units


Precise levelling of a printing unit.


View on delivery - ROLAND 700 HiPrint


View on the printing units from the operating side. Production starts early in April.

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