ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION Asian premiere

15 july 2015
ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION Asian premiere

Taiwanese packaging printer Yuh Feng Artistic Printing commissioned the 'first' state-of-the-art ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION in Asia to stay ahead of the competition.

It wasn’t surprising that Yuh Feng recently became the first printer in Asia to invest in a ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION, beating a host of printers from Greater China. “Profession, quality, service and innovation is the business philosophy that we have been adhering to,’’ said Mr. Qiu Bing Huang, the company’s president.

Starting from humble beginnings as a small-scale printer in 1987, Yuh Feng has grown into a major player in the Taiwan printing industry since years. The company now has a 3,000-square meter printing facility that is equipped with first-class printing technologies, such as ROLAND 700 HiPrint, as well as up to date production flows.

With “Customer First” as its avowed policy, Yuh Feng has made great efforts in improving print quality and meeting various customer requirements, especially those pertaining to price and lead time. Not surprisingly, it built a strong reputation for quality and reliability in the industry and established long-term relationships with satisfied customers.

“We deeply understand that quality is a life or death issue for packaging printers like us. Hence, we have extremely rigorous requirements for product quality,” Mr. Qiu said. “But in today's highly competitive market, good quality alone is not enough to please our customers. They have other practical needs too. We need to provide our customers with highly cost-effective products, shorten the lead time and create added value. These are the goals we are pursuing now.”

Driven by these goals, Yuh Feng became the first printer to purchase a ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION in Asia. This latest sheetfed offset model was launched globally by Manroland last November. It has the capabilities necessary for Yuh Feng to achieve its targets as quickly as possible.

How can ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION realize the company’s goals in print quality, production cost and turnover?

As the new standard of printing technology, ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION supersedes both the ROLAND 700 HS and the ROLAND 700 DirectDrive, on an all new platform. Designed from the ground up and incorporating a sleek, futuristic look, the latest generation ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION incorporates many new technological developments and enhancements, with the aim of giving printers unprecedented levels of print quality, efficiency and productivity. It is also very easy to operate.

InlineRegister, which is integrated with the InlineColorPilot, automatically performs the color register during the make-ready process. The InlineColorPilot automatically detects and corrects inline even the slightest color variation. With the application of both InlineRegister and InlineColorPilot, precise color register and color management can be done simultaneously. Apart from ensuring consistently high print quality over the entire run, this also saves a massive amount of make-ready time and labor cost.

Just like the InlineRegister and InlineColorPilot which lower the labor cost, the new feeder pile transport and the newly developed suction belt sheet brake technology reduce the quantity of wasted sheets. And the sophisticated software for practice-oriented roller washing cycles further reduces downtime with much more precise dosage of the dampening solution over the entire width. This lessens the possibility of skewing the dampening dosage roller.

The printing speed of ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION is up to 18000 sheets per hour. Moreover, its different inline systems and direct drive technology can shorten the make-ready time significantly. Its newly designed central console replaces buttons with user-friendly touch-screen panels; they’re fast and easy to operate. The operator’s work is made easier and less complicated. All these can significantly reduce the lead time. Accordingly, customer satisfaction is achieved.

ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION is exactly what Yuh Feng needs to achieve premium print quality, lower production cost, and faster production speed.

Mr. Qiu believes that with the help of the world’s cutting-edge printing technology, such as ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION, Yuh Feng can become a bigger success in the color box packaging market.

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